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                                                   (links to manufacturers are below in blue on product manufacturer line card)

Mechanical Products represents a wide range of equipment including pumps, steam and hot water boilers, boiler plant control systems, boiler room equipment, water heaters, domestic hot water generators, temperature control units, venting systems, control valves, cooling towers, evaporative fluid coolers, filtration systems, custom air handler units, flow control valves, flow measurement devices, heat exchangers, hydronic accesories, piping packages, pressure independent temperature control valves, pipe guides, expansion joints and ball joints, modular central energy plants, penthouses, packaged pumping systems, pure water systems, and storage tanks. Complete skid mounted pre-piped and pre-wired engineered skid systems are available for boiler, pump, water filtration, water harvesting or purification applications. Turnkey system installation is available. Pre-piped, leak tested coil hook up piping packages including control valves are available for any heat transfer coil/process. New construction or retrofit, we support the design, selection, application, installation, start-up and operation of all equipment we represent backed by 24/7/365 year around support. 
Please see below for product general data click on blue manufacturer heading below for link to the manufacturer's website.
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Manufacturers below listed by the following categories:
BOILERS & WATER HEATERS                                                                                                                        
FILTRATION & FILTERS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              FLOW MEASUREMENT & CONTROL VALVES 
PUMPS - TANKS - ACCESSORIES                                                                                                                                                                                                                              PURE WATER SYSTEMS FOR RAINWATER HARVEST, RO, DI AND UPS  






       Ace Heaters (

  • Mini Pack – Semi-Instantaneous, Potable Water Heaters, Single & Double Wall Heat Exchanger

  • Condensing Hot Water Boilers 500-3000 MBH

  • Near Condensing Hot Water Boilers 800-2K MBH

  • Atmospheric Boilers

  • Ace Custom Storage Tanks, ASME



       Fulton Boiler (

  • Condensing natural gas, propane, No. 2 oil & bio-fuel fired hot water condensing boilers 300 MBH to 6000 MBH with no minimum flow rate & no minimum return water temperature up to 99 % efficiency & up to 170 degree F Delta T

  • Copper finned tube boilers to 2000 MBH up to 88% efficiency

  • Invictus gas fired absorption heat pumps up to 149% efficiency

  • Electric hot water & steam boilers 12 KW/1.2 BHP to 1000 KW/100 BHP

  • Clean steam systems, Fired & unfired steam generators, heat recovery systems

  • Vertical tubeless & scotch marine hot water & steam boilers 4 BHP to 800 BHP up to 84% efficiency and 300 PSI

  • Pulse gas fired condensing domestic water heaters 1000 MBH up to 99% efficiency capable of 1065 GPH at 100 degree F rise

  • Deaerators, boiler feed and condensate return units, surge tanks, blowdown separators, steam filters, steam separators, steam dryers, water softeners & chemical feed units

  • Packaged skid mounted engineered boiler systems & complete boiler room prefabricated skid systems in a house



     Unilux Boilers (

  • 5-Pass Steel Bent Water-TubeBoilers

  • High Pressure Steam & Hot Water Boilers

  • High Temp Hot Water Boilers

  • Boiler Capacities 50hp thru 1,500hp

  • Dual Fuel Burner Capabilities




       VAF Filtration Systems (

  • Low Water Consumption HVAC & Industrial

  • Automatic Water Filters

  • Cooling Tower Filtration Systems

  • Side Stream Filtration Systems

  • Filtration 10 to 1500 Micron Boiler



       Pro Hydronic Specialties (

  • Autoflow automatic flow control & venturi based balance valves

  • Pressure independent flow control valves,

  • Pressure compensating flow control valves

  • Venturi flow meters

  • Coil hook-up piping packages

  • Hose kits & flexible hose connectors

     ISTEC Corporation (

  • BTU (Energy)Meters

  • Water Meters

  • Oil Meters

  • Vortex Meters

  • Gas Meters

  • Flow Measurements & Control Accessories




      ATS Advanced Thermal Systems (

  • Ball joints ¾” to 30” for service conditions of up to 1000 PSIG at 750 deg. F.

  • Guaranteed leak-free for 25,000 cycles at 400 PSIG

  • Low friction pipe guides and supports

  • Pre-engineered and prefabricated anchors

  • Engineered pipe stress analysis verification services

  • Slip type expansion joints for absorbing up to 48” of axial pipe expansion; rated up to 1000 deg. F & pressures up to 1000 PSI



     Delta P Carver (

  • Industry Leader In Booster Pump Systems Custom VFD controlled packaged pumps and controls

  • UL Listed variable speed packaged pumping systems for HVAC, domestic water & municipal booster stations

  • Rainwater harvesting packages complete with transfer pumps, cistern storage tanks, transfer day tanks, media filtration, day tanks, UV lights,die injection systems & customizable controls with level display via touchscreen HMI

  • Touchscreen HMI interface, touch-safe controls & fail safe programming; stainless frames & piping, factory X-Y data acquisition flow tested & certified


        Amtrol (

  • Therm-X-Trol  Thermal expansion tanks

  • Extrol  Hydronic expansion tanks

  • Air separators

  • Buffer tanks

  • Compression tanks







     Precision Vent (

  • UL Venting/ Stack & Breeching

  • Category I,II,II,IV Vent Material

  • B-Vent, AL29-4c,Polypropylene

  • Insulated Stack

  • Engine Exhaust

  • Grease Duct

     U.S. Draft Co. (

  • Variable Speed Draft fans & controls

  • Overdraft & Underdraft protection

  • Draft Control and Accessories


      Mechanical Products major brand manufacturers Category I, II, III, IV, residential and non-categorized type B-vent, CPVC/PVC plastic, positive pressure,

      AL29-4c condensing, non-condensing and UL listed venting products; engine exhaust and grease duct / kitchen hood exhaust. In- stock on most types



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