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Mechanical Products represents a wide range of equipment including pumps, steam and hot water boilers, boiler plant control systems, boiler room equipment, water heaters, domestic hot water generators, temperature control units, venting systems, control valves, custom air handling units, cooling towers, evaporative fluid coolers, filtration systems, flow control valves, flow measurement devices, heat exchangers, hydronic accesories, piping packages, pressure independent temperature control valves, pipe guides, expansion joints and ball joints, modular central energy plants/penthouses, packaged pumping systems, pure water systems, and storage tanks. Complete skid mounted pre-piped and pre-wired engineered skid systems are available for boiler, pump, water filtration, water harvesting or purification applications. Pre-piped, leak tested coil hook up piping packages including control valves are available for any heat transfer coil/process. New construction or retrofit, we support the design, selection, application, installation, start-up and operation of all equipment we represent backed by 24/7/365 year around support. 


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Laughlin Memorial Hospital in Greeneville, Tennessee needed an energy efficient solution to replace their existing fire tube steam boilers. In addition to handling sterilization loads, the existing steam boilers were responsible for generating both domestic and HVAC building heating hot waterWorking with Fulton and the Synex ModSync Group, Mechanical Products provided four (4) Fulton Vantage 4000 Mbh dual-fuel (NG/No. 2 fuel oil) condensing hot water boilers with a ModSync Plant Controller capable of controlling the entire boiler room. A small steam boiler was installed to handle the remaining steam loads more efficiently.


An innovative design approach for space and domestic hot water heating needs incorporated two independent hot water loops piped to each boiler: one loop to generate domestic hot water and one loop to provide for HVAC hot water. Utilizing a pair of automated control valves at both the supply and return connections to each boiler for both the domestic and HVAC loop, the ModSync plant controller permits each of the four boilers to serve either loop at any time. An aggressive load reset strategy on the HVAC loop was permissible without concerns for sacrificing the performance of the domestic water system. As the need for domestic hot water arises, the ModSync controller allocates the applicable number of boilers to serve the domestic load and resets the supply temperature accordingly. More than just a lead lag sequencer, the ModSync monitors each boiler's firing rate, the deviation from set point and employs a control variable based PID algorithm to most efficiently run the required number of boilers at their lowest possible firing rate/ highest efficiency before releasing the boiler plant to a higher less efficient firing rate. This "Field Adjustable Parallel Modulation" feature ensures the boiler plant operates at the most efficient point to match the changing loads - contributing up to 5 or more points in system efficiency.


In addition to balancing the boiler loads, the ModSync can provide a wide range of boiler system controls and system integration, including outdoor reset, load set, setback scheduling, multiple set point modes, trending reports, BTU calculations, variable flow pumping control as well as the ability to calculate and display various boiler operating efficiencies in real time - all via a simple user-friendly interface. The optional inSite capability allows the option to add web access and manage the boiler room remotely.


The Fulton Vantage high mass, high water content boiler can operate up to a 100 degree Delta T, has no minimum return water temperature and has no minimum or maximum flow rate. The Vantage features eliminated concerns over minimum flow rates, maximum flow rates, minimum return water temperatures or maximum Delta T - obstacles typically associated with today’s low mass, low water content condensing hot water boilers. The ability of the boiler to handle primary variable flow, the 16,000,000 Btu/hr. boiler plant's 20:1 turndown and the ModSync’ s true best efficiency modulating control sequencer allow the BTU generated to efficiently match the respective system loop load requirements.  The N+1 redundancy for the both domestic and heating hot water systems combined with the ability of the Vantage boilers to burn No. 2 fuel oil as well as natural gas gave the customer energy efficient, reliable and sustainable installed system.


Condensing Boilers & Water Heaters are the industry buzz-words because they are indeed, hi-efficient. However, simply purchasing one doesn’t guarantee better heating system performance. We know condensing engineering, as well as conventional, and will assist in all phases to furnish a heating or steam system operating at peak efficiency.  Ask Mechanical Products about Boiler Plant Control Strategies - go so far as to manage your next boiler plant on your smartphone with inSite from Synex Controls, manufacturer of the ModSync boiler management and control system.


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When the Georgia Building Authority needed  a domestic water booster pumping system for the James H. "Sloppy" Floyd State Building to replace an existing system they selected Newcomb & Boyd Consulting Engineers to redesign their system. Working closely with the engineer, Mechanical Products assisted with the specification and selection of a Quietflow packaged pumping system manufactured by Delta P Systems. The owner was adamant that he wanted the best system built with the fewest maintenance issues. The QuietPak from Delta P Carver offers the most energy savings available combined with virtually no maintenance. The pump features include a seal-less pump design with a permanently lubricated motor. Combine that with the steepest rise to shut-off pump curves and you have the most energy efficient solution available. The owner representative had never utilized a system of this type yet now requests on all his projects. 

Working with the area contractors, Mechanical Products supplies Pro Hydronic's coil hook up piping valve kits, balancing valves and automatic flow control valves 1/2" through 8". Projects include Gwinnett County Schools to Scottish Rite Children's Hospital. Pro Hydronics features the only automatic flow control valve that can measure flow. WIth +/- 5% accuracy the auto flow valve maintains the specified flow rate regardless of system header pressure variations. Each kit is factory leak tested to eliminate job site leaks. All components are installed in the appropriate place to assure functionality. Piping packages are available in manaul, automatic or no balancing valve configurations. No one beats their lead times or reputation for quality. Pro Hydronics provides a material handling solution, the assurance the coil gets piped correctly with all accessories functional and a time saving solution.


Advanced Thermal Systems is the world leader in providing the highest quality expansion and ball joints.  Working with the owner, engineer and contractor after the initial design, we provided a solution to many over-looked issues involving elevation changes and existing utilities tie-in loads on the University of Georgia Bolden Dining Commons steam campus piping distribution system. The contractor provided system layout drawings to Mechanical Products who in turn worked with experts at ATS provide custom slip joints to solve the unforeseen issues. Performing a stress analysis, we were able delete joints from the project and assisted with bringing the project in on budget and on time. 


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